Custom Drawn Purrfect Doodle


  • Custom Drawn Purrfect Doodle
  • Custom Drawn Purrfect Doodle
  • Custom Drawn Purrfect Doodle
  • Custom Drawn Purrfect Doodle
  • Custom Drawn Purrfect Doodle
  • Custom Drawn Purrfect Doodle
  • Custom Drawn Purrfect Doodle

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This listing is for a purrsonalized illustration -- Of mew, of your mew, of mew AND your mew. Mew choose! It could even include...a dog. Gasp!!

Please note that THIS listing only includes 1 character. Extra characters must be added via the Add-On listing HERE.

Thank mew so much for your interest in a Custom Drawn Purrfect Doodle! Due to paw-pular demand, our custom portraits are back and they meow include an illustrative wreath and/or a bit of text.

*PLEASE NOTE: Full backgrounds are not included but if that's something you're interested in, please let us know and we can discuss options.

Purrfect doodles are meant to be quick yet fun! The work, as well as the contracts, are less serious and way less formal. Opting for purrfection instead of perfection, they will be drawn in the style seen in this listing. Only one version will be illustrated, meaning no roughs will be sent for approval. -- I'm only able to offer custom work at these prices if edits are taken out of the process.

Base price is $125.00.
Each additional character is $75.00.
*Please purrchase your extra characters via the Add-On listing.

This listing is for the completed digital files only. I will include a high resolution file that can be printed on your end, as well as a smaller file for digital use. Dimensions will be square, unless otherwise noted.

A 5x7 print of your purrfect doodle may be purchased for an additional fee + shipping HERE.

After you've made your purrchase, please email me at a little about the character you would like me to draw, as well as a few photos and ideas you may have for the illustration. If one of your ideas is along the lines of 'make my cat a Hufflepuff' then I'm already excited...but would you also be able to send me a small description of what that might entail? Purrhaps a few images as well. Other specifics I would gladly accept can be seen below:

Clothing (human and/or pet)
Layout (full body or cropped)
Text (yes/no)
Any other colour preferences

Timeline: 1 to 21 days after character description and photos have been received. Please let me know if this purrchase is a gift and/or if you need the Doodle by a certain date.


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